Four Star Executive Health & Wellness Program”

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Employee wellness program components

Program design:  Our Qualified Healthcare Provider will guide you  with an up-front planning session, consultation, and review.

Identifying risk factors: By analyzing the results of health risk assessments and biometric screenings, we will identify and inform each employee about their personal risk factors.

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Health education, and coaching: Personalized counseling and coaching to achieve personal health goals through coaching and wellness education classes, both in-person and online.


Manage/Measure/Monitor:  Provide periodic reports on the health and wellness of your employees and how well they’re utilizing program services, such as coaching and classes.

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Executive reports: Customized worker health information that can help you effectively allocate your health care spending.

 Coaching and Participation reports: Reports describing program utilization and effectiveness.

 Program planning: A monthly report that helps implement and encourage participation in your employee wellness program through logistics planning, intervention, observances, education, and resources.