Injury Prevention and Case Management


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Our Marriage of Safety Professionals and HealthCare Providers is Unique to Corpus Christi, no other occupational care facility has this opportunity. Providing Safety Training, Education, Evaluation Services and Treatment of Injury or Disease.


 The Healthcare Team at Four Star work closely with the Safety Experts at Four Star,  and consult with them on a regular basis on prevention of injuries, OSHA Guidelines Regarding Prevention of injuries, Recordables Prevention and Heathcare requirements to meet the OSHA Standard.

First Aid,  First and Foremost

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Qualified and Training Healthcare Providers at Four Star will do everything possible to treat the acute incident/injury.  Immediate medical care and management is critical to healing process and to case management.  Reducing Pain, Fear, and Disability.

Communications  (Direct Access to Physicians)

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“Doctor calls, and email of written report immediately following an injury to the employer or HSE on the same day.  We ensure employers are always updated with follow-up reports.   These reports also provide data-driven insights for better return-to-work program understanding and to drive best practices.”

Case Management Training for Safety Professions

The doctors at Four Star provide regular training of Safety Professional and Company HSEs.  Grand Rounds of Injuries and Role Playing for situations that the HSE may encounter on the job with an incident.

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