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Chronic Conditions

“Hypertension, Diabetes, and Obesity are epidemic in the United States among occupation and industrial workers.  Many refineries and facilities are requiring contractors to “physical qualify” their employees prior to entering a facility.  Often times workers don’t pass the evaluation and are sent home for medication for the treatment of chronic systemic disorders, often times workers don’t have health insurance, and are forced to go to expensive urgent or hospital facilities or even worse, go to Mexico for questionable medical care.  We provide ongoing medical management for these disorders at an affordable cost to the employee.”   Marc Ibanez, MD

VIP Medical Services

Four Star Health and Safety is proud to provide VIP medical executive services for the full-time owners, and management employees, with additional medical services, and Prescription Drugs when needed.

Exercise Stress Testing Service

Board Certified in Internal Medicine the Physician supervised Exercise Stress testing for Firefighter, Police Officer, or through our VIP Executive Medicine Package

Medical Surveillance

Corpus Christi’s only Board Certified, Internal Medicine Physician providing expert advice and medical data management required by OSHA for Blood, Pulmonary, and Hearing Surveillance and Conservation.


TB, Tetanus, (Seasonal) Influenza, Hepatitis, Pneumonia, Meningitis, Shingles. Travel Vaccinations: Country  Specific (Must give 7 days Notice Prior to Exam)