Four Star Health and Safety, LLC is a preferred provider collection site for FormFox drug & alcohol testing for Corpus Christi and the Coastal Bend Area of Texas.

About FormFox, Inc.

Creating drug-free workplaces begins with smarter workflows.
At FormFox, Inc., we’re continuously innovating data and workflow solutions for the substance abuse testing industry. Our technology connects those who participate in workplace screening programs, including employers, collectors, laboratories, TPAs and MROs. With our partners, we strive to remove the dangers of substance abuse in the workplace. We have assumed the critical role of transforming the workflows surrounding screening processes, making them smarter and faster. Removing the risk of paper-based errors and inefficiencies, and streamlining and securing the transmission of information, are central to our mission and serve as the foundation of our FormFox web-based software solutions.

The rapid adoption of FormFox as the industry’s preferred solution for electronic custody and control forms (eCCF) has simplified the screening process and facilitated quick, secure information exchange across a network of over 3,500 sites. In response to an increasingly self-serve world, we are working to expand the role of FormFox as a complete, integrated workflow solution set.

The FormFox name evokes the qualities we engineer into our software – intelligence and speed. These are the qualities to which we owe our success, and that we are systematically applying to electronic workflow management. FormFox workflows address the complex, variable processes found in our industry while meeting the unique needs of each participant, with ease and scale. Improving quality, increasing efficiency and ensuring compliance of screening programs is our way of creating drug-free workplaces.

FormFox, Inc. is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

FormFox was developed by Compliance Information Systems, Inc. (CIS), a leading provider of data management solutions in the drug testing industry for nearly twenty-five years.

FormFox handles a wide variety of specimen collection procedures:

  • Laboratory-based urine specimens.
  • Laboratory-based hair specimens.
  • Laboratory-based oral fluid specimens.
  • Laboratory-based blood specimens.
  • Instant (POCT) tests using urine specimens.

For all of the above, FormFox guides the collector through the appropriate specimen collection procedure and generates a custody and control form (CCF) in accordance with account-specific information provided by the testing laboratory. Client instructions include the laboratory account number, type of specimen, and any associated client demographic information required for the collector to perform the procedure and generate a valid CCF. FormFox can generate both electronic and paper CCFs, according to the needs of the participating laboratory, MRO, donor, and employer.

FormFox can also accept and disseminate donor and test demographic information. This allows employers and service providers to order specimen collection services from FormFox-enabled facilities, which greatly reduces data entry and procedural errors at the collection site. It also facilitates more accurate data management and event tracking for laboratories and MROs by eliminating errors that often occur with manual data entry.