Occupational/OHSA/DOT Physical Exams:  Post Offer Pre-Employment, DOT CDL, Crane, Marine, Merchant Mariner, Fit-For-Duty, Return to Work. Post Incident/Accident, Railroad, FFA Flight Physicals, HAZMAT, Post Offer Pre-Employment,  Asbestos and TB Examinations/testing.

USCG Merchant Mariner Physicals

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FMCSA DOT Physicals

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Medical Surveillance:

Hearing/Audiometric, Asbestos, Silica Crystalline, and Blood (Lead/ZPP, Chromium, Phenol, Benzene, and more upon request), Surveillance which meets or exceeds OSHA/NIOSH Standards and Guidelines.

Hearing Evaluations:  Audiometric data management and hearing conservation consultation. On-site Mobile, In House Booth Audiometric Testing.


Specialty Examinations:  Life Insurance Qualification, Annual Exams, Executive/Corp Exams, 2nd Opinions, IME, RME, Travel, and Immigration.  Minimum Standard and Maximum Standard Skills Assessment for Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue.

Fire Fighter Fit For Duty Evaluations as well as Physician supervised stress testing.

Drug & Alcohol Testing:  Urine/Salvia/Hair/Blood

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Pulmonary Function Testing/Questionnaire:  Physician Supervised, Asbestos, and TB.

Respirator Fit Testing:  Physician Supervised, 10 different half, and full face mask. OSHA protocol.

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Vision Screen OSHA/DOT:  Far/Near/Peripheral/Color/Depth/Shapes

Laboratory and Screening:  Blood/Urine Analysis for Comprehensive Medical Screening and Management

Specialty Diagnostic Testing:  EKG, X-ray, Cardiac Stress Testing

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Discounted Exam Services:          School /Sports/Camp Physicals