Case/Risk Management

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“The most critical part of case management  is rapid response and treatment, with the employer /HSE, the injured employee and doctor all playing a vital role in reducing recordables.  Many recordables can be prevented with knowledgeable medical staff, employer training, and immediate first aid and education. Trained Physicians and Supervised Four Star Healthcare Providers can reduce recordables by 90% while providing fast and reliable quality care.”  Marc Ibanez, MD


2016-02-25 10.17.56The doctor or nurse will call and email a written report immediately following an injury to the employer representative or HSE.  We ensure employers are always updated with follow-up reports, and given direction on the best course of care for their injured employee.   Our rapid return-to-work program is the best in the business.

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Specialty Examinations

Life Insurance Qualification, Annual Exams, Executive/Corp Exams, 2nd Opinions, IME, RME, Travel, and Immigration.  Minimum Standard and Maximum Standard Skills Assessment for Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue.

Medical On-Call and On-Site Services 24/7

Physician supervised On-Call, On-Site Injury Response, and Triage, as well as telemedicine services with Qualified and Trained Nurse Practitioners, EMT, and Medical Assistants for Turnaround and New Constructions Projects working around the clock for the employers we serve.

Refinery and Facility Contracted Healthcare

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Our medically supervised staff can be contracted through Four Star providing healthcare on your site on a permanent basis, or extended periods of time with full time, part time EMTs, Nurse Practitioners, or Qualified Occupational Nurses to fit your specific needs.