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Business Safety Consultation

Developed over 30 years with updated safety protocols, our safety professionals have the knowledge to improve your work environment in ways you may never have heard of.  Each Audit comes with a personal inspection, digital images, and written reports of possible hazards, followed by Solutions and action steps need to correct or improve worker’s safety.

Cost Savings for Every Employer

Many companies don’t have additional space or the resources to develop, manage or conduct advanced training course.  Let us be your I.T. professionals, with a background in safety, develop your specific job training requirements.   With our “Platinum” service, we can build your training software for FREE!  Call Now and talk with a Safety Professional and let us develop your training program.

New Hire Orientation

With every business comes the realization of the NEED for custom training which meets or exceeds the company’s exceptions for every employee.  Specific training is critical to every job, and at Four Star Health and Safety, our Safety Professions build OSHA approved training courses for every job description.

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Business Risk Management

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Every business has to manage its risk, and the first line of defense is a good offense.  Training is critical to ensure the employee have the education to safely perform his job requirements.  It’s every employer’s responsibility to ensure a safe work environment which begins the day they are hired.  You can say that “Four Star is in the Risk Management Business” protecting workers lives, and helping protect companies from negligent liability, through verification of ID, proctored computer-based training, competency testing and scoring.  Employee development overall, and not just orientation with measurable goals and outcomes that are aligned to business outcomes and can be tracked throughout the employee lifecycle with our LMS system which your HR or Safety department can access 24/7.

DOT/OSHA and Other Audit Reviews

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OSHA and Insurance Audits are one of the most stressful events in a business’s history.  If you company is facing an upcoming audit, let our Safety team develop an action plan and help you overcome the most difficult OSHA audit with standardized and proven techniques for successful documentation. We are there with you during your audit, answering questions, and developing action plans which meet or exceed OSHA compliance.